2020/November Latest Braindump2go 350-701 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 350-701 Real Exam Questions!

Which exfiltration method does an attacker use to hide and encode data inside DNS requests and queries?

A. DNS tunneling
B. DNSCrypt
C. DNS security

Answer: A

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2020/November Latest Braindump2go AZ-400 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new AZ-400 Real Exam Questions!

You have an existing project in Azure DevOps.
You plan to integrate GitHub as the repository for the project.
You need to ensure that Azure Pipelines runs under the Azure Pipelines identity.
Which authentication mechanism should you use?

A. personal access token (PAT)
B. GitHub App
C. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
D. OAuth

Answer: B
GitHub App uses the Azure Pipelines identity.
Incorrect Answers:
A: Personal access token and OAuth use your personal GitHub identity.

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November/2020 Latest Braindump2go AZ-303 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new AZ-303 Real Exam Questions!

You have an Azure Cosmos DB account named Account1. Account1 includes a database named DB1 that contains a container named Container1. The partition key for Container1 is set to /city.
You plan to change the partition key for Container1.
What should you do first?

A. Delete Container1.
B. Create a new Azure Cosmos DB account.
C. Implement the Azure Cosmos DB.NET.SDK.
D. Regenerate the keys for Account1.

Answer: B
The Change Feed Processor and Bulk Executor Library, in Azure Cosmos DB can be leveraged to achieve a live migration of your data from one container to another. This allows you to re-distribute your data to match the desired new partition key scheme, and make the relevant application changes afterwards, thus achieving the effect of “updating your partition key”.
Incorrect Answers:
A: It is not possible to “update” your partition key in an existing container.

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