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Your company deploys several virtual machines on-premises and to Azure. ExpressRoute is deployed and configured for on-premises to Azure connectivity.
Several virtual machines exhibit network connectivity issues.
You need to analyze the network traffic to identify whether packets are being allowed or denied to the virtual machines.
Solution: Install and configure the Azure Monitoring agent and the Dependency Agent on all the virtual machines. Use VM insights in Azure Monitor to analyze the network traffic.
Does this meet the goal?

A. Yes
B. No

Answer: B
Use the Azure Monitor agent if you need to:
Collect guest logs and metrics from any machine in Azure, in other clouds, or on-premises.
Use the Dependency agent if you need to:
Use the Map feature VM insights or the Service Map solution.
Note: Instead use Azure Network Watcher IP Flow Verify allows you to detect traffic filtering issues at a VM level.
IP flow verify checks if a packet is allowed or denied to or from a virtual machine. The information consists of direction, protocol, local IP, remote IP, local port, and remote port. If the packet is denied by a security group, the name of the rule that denied the packet is returned. While any source or destination IP can be chosen, IP flow verify helps administrators quickly diagnose connectivity issues from or to the internet and from or to the on-premises environment.

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