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You have a custom API that is secured by using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).
You need to call the API from within a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web part. Which object should you use to call the API?

A. AadHttpClient
B. MSGraphClient
C. SPMttpCHent
D. XMLHttpRequest

Answer: B
You can use the Microsoft Graph API to work with Microsoft Teams. In Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Teams is represented by a group resource.
If you are targeting Microsoft Graph, you can use the MSGraphClient client object, which provides a more fluent syntax compared to AadHttpClient.
Note: In versions of the SharePoint Framework starting with v.1.4.1, you can access Microsoft Graph by using either the native graph client (MSGraphClient), or the low-level type used to access any Azure AD-secured REST API (AadHttpClient).
The AadHttpClient client object is useful for consuming any REST API. You can use it to consume Microsoft Graph or any other third-party (or first-party) REST API.
The MSGraphClient client object can consume the Microsoft Graph only. Internally it uses the AadHttpClient client object and supports the fluent syntax of the
Microsoft Graph SDK.

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