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New Question
To specify the minimum number of connections between the I/O modules and the Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects, which Cisco UCS policy do you configure?

A. chassis discovery policy
B. local disk configuration policy
C. BIOS policy
D. boot policy

Answer: A

New Question
Which technology maintains Fibre Channel virtual links between a pair of FCoE devices?


Answer: D

New Question
Which plane does a router use to exchange topology information to build a routing table?

A. back plane
B. data plane
C. control plane
D. management plane

Answer: C

New Question
What are two roles of a hypervisor in a data center? (Choose two.)

A. provides management for physical network devices
B. provides management for physical servers
C. virtualizes bare-metal server resources and provides resources to virtual machines
D. partitions physical servers into multiple virtual machines
E. virtualizes network devices and provides resources to virtual devices

Answer: AC

New Question
When configuring virtual PortChannels on Cisco Nexus switches, what does the vPC domain consist of?

A. two vPC peer switches connected by a virtual switch link
B. two VSS peer switches connected by a peer link
C. two VSS peer switches connected by a port channel
D. two vPC peer switches connected by a peer link

Answer: D

New Question
Which two descriptions of a Cisco UCS service profile are true? (Choose two.)

A. may contain VMware vSphere virtual machine definition
B. may be used to define the storage and networking characteristics of multiple servers
C. may contain firmware version information
D. may contain server operating system
E. may contain UUID, MAC address for each virtual NIC, and WWN specifications for each HBA

Answer: CE

New Question
Which two actions do you perform when connecting a FEX to a parent switch? (Choose two.)

A. Assign a chassis ID to the FEX.
B. Configure a vPC between the parent switch and the FEX.
C. Preconfigure the FEX.
D. Add the serial number of the FEX to the parent switch.
E. Associate the FEX to the connected interface.

Answer: BE

New Question
Which two statements accurately describe a Cisco UCS service profile? (Choose two.)

A. LAN and SAN policies are inherited from the root profile.
B. A service profile contains the policies that are required for a server.
C. A service profile contains the operating system to be used by a logical server.
D. A service profile contains the logical identity for a server.
E. One compute node can have several profiles simultaneously.

Answer: BD

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. Which two description of the workflow are true? (Choose two.)

A. It fails if the blade has an existing profile.
B. It creates a service profile.
C. It deletes the service profile after associating the profile to a server.
D. It attempts to recreate the service profile if the initial attempt fails.
E. It assigns a service profile to a blade

Answer: BD

New Question
Which description of switch discovery on a Cisco APIC is true?

A. The APIC assigns an IP address to the switch from a pool.
B. Only leaf switches are discovered automatically.
C. A switch can be registered to multiple APIC clusters.
D. A switch registers with the APIC automatically.

Answer: B

New Question
To uniquely define server instances in the Cisco UCS system, what do you configure?

A. service profile
B. vMotion
C. UUID resource pool
D. vNIC template

Answer: A


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