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New Question
A network uses one pair of Layer 3 switches for core and distribution purposes.
Which design is this network using?

A. collapsed Layer 3 core
B. collapsed Layer 2-3
C. collapsed distribution
D. collapsed core

Answer: D

New Question
A Cisco UCS administrator wants only the Cisco UCS chassis with four connections between each IOM and the Fabric Interconnect pair to be recognized. Which policy and corresponding action must be configured?

A. Chassis/FEX Discovery Policy, Action: 4-link
B. Chassis/FEX Discovery Policy, Redundancy Action: N+1
C. Rack Management Connection Policy, Action: 4-link
D. Power Policy, Redundancy Action: Grid
E. Rack Server Discovery Policy, Action: 4-link

Answer: A

New Question
A network architecture team is looking for a technology on Cisco Nexus switches that significantly simplifies extending Layer 2 applications across distributed data centers. The team wants the Cisco Data Center Interconnect between sites and without changing or reconfiguring the existing network design. Which technology should be used?

A. Multiprotocol Label Switching
B. Cisco FabricPath
C. virtual switching system
D. virtual port channel
E. Overlay Transport Virtualization

Answer: E

New Question
A customer deployed Cisco B200 blades with service profiles. The customer experiences an outage on one of the Cisco B200 blades that will be replaced with a spare blade already in inventory. Which two steps should the customer take to replace the failed blade? (Choose two.)

A. Disassociate the service profile from the failed blade.
B. Associate the service profile to the spare blade.
C. Create a new service profile for the spare blade.
D. Delete the service profile from the spare blade.
E. Create a new service profile template for the failed blade.

Answer: AB

New Question
Which four components are part of the Cisco Data Center Nexus switching offering? (Choose four.)

A. Cisco 6000 Series Switch
B. Cisco ASR 9000
C. Cisco 1000v Switch
D. Cisco IOS Software
E. Cisco 4500E Switch
F. Cisco NX-OS Software
G. Cisco 6509-E Switch
H. Cisco Fabric Extender

Answer: ACFH

New Question
Which Cisco Nexus 1000V component provides the platform on which Cisco NX-OS runs and interacts with other components that make up the Cisco Nexus 1000V?

A. Virtual Supervisor Module
B. Virtual Ethernet Module
C. Virtual Service Blade
D. Virtual Security Gateway

Answer: A

New Question
The marketing, research, and business departments of a company each have servers and storage in the SAN fabric connected to a Cisco MDS switch. The storage engineer is asked to ensure that each department’s servers and storage are isolated from the other departments. Which two steps can the engineer take to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. Create VSAN 10, 11, and 12 on the MDS switch.
B. Add marketing devices to VSAN 10, research to VSAN 11, and business to VSAN 12.
C. Create VSAN 10 on the MDS switch.
D. Add marketing, research, and business devices to VSAN 10.
E. Create VSAN 10 and VSAN 11.
F. Add all storage devices to VSAN 10. Add all server devices to VSAN 11.

Answer: AB

New Question
Which Cisco Nexus 1000V component is the equivalent of a line card on a standard Cisco Nexus switch?

A. Virtual Ethernet Module
B. Virtual Supervisor Module
C. Virtual Service Blade
D. Virtual Security Gateway

Answer: A

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. Which option do you configure to correct the vPC configuration between two peer switches?

A. unique role priority value
B. unique fabricpath switch-id
C. identical domain IDs
D. identical peer-keepalive IP addresses

Answer: C

New Question
The chargeback module in Cisco UCS Director provides insight into which costs?

A. virtual infrastructure
B. storage
C. physical infrastructure
D. network

Answer: A

New Question
You must recommend a management solution for a Cisco UCS system. Which option accurately describes Cisco UCS Director?

A. the full-feature version of Cisco UCS Manager with all of the management functions enabled
B. a replacement for Cisco UCS Manager in large-scale environments
C. an orchestrator to automate some of the steps that are required to configure a Cisco UCS domain
D. only an orchestration plug-in for Cisco UCS Manager that has no management capabilities

Answer: C


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