2016 NEW Cisco 840-425 Exam Questions Released!

The Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques (BTEABVD) exam (840-425) is a 90 minute, 60-70 question assessment associated with the Cisco Certified Business Value Practitioner designation.This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge on use of advanced solution-and outcome-based selling approaches, to help customers meet their digital business goals.

Exam Code: 840-425
Exam Name: Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques
Certification Provider: Cisco
Corresponding Certification: Cisco Business Value Practitioner

2016 840-425 Study Guides:
1. Understand Customer Business Context and Requirements for IT Solutions/Services
2. Solution and Outcome-Based Selling Process
3. Evaluate Solution Benefits
4. Financial Impacts and Business Case
5. Business and IT Alignment
6. Change Management

Which statement is a characteristic of future state capabilities?

A.    They identify operating practices for a single department.
B.    They depict all of the requirements that a customer organization desires (best case).
C.    They convey the most important business elements that are needed to achieve goals in the future.
D.    They should define very detailed needs for the near-term and high-level needs for one or more years out.

Answer: C

Which example is a business case assumption that is most likely to be provided by the IT executive?

A.    The expected weighted cost of capital can define the rate of return.
B.    The number of personnel can be reduced in the business unit due to automation.
C.    IT transaction volumes will grow 10% annually for the next 2 years.
D.    The business will outsource customer service to a third party.

Answer: C

Which statement describes a benefit of using scenarios for business transformation?

A.    They allow you to prototype the user interface without full development of all screens.
B.    They give the customer a way to relate needs and potential benefits through example situations.
C.    They increase your influence with the customer, because scenarios selectively show your industry insight.
D.    They show the customer what is possible with the latest version of your technology solutions.

Answer: B

Which statement about Partner capabilities combined with Cisco solution elements is true?

A.    They are a recommended way to reduce solution cost.
B.    They are a required element for proposals that involve implementation of the solution.
C.    They are a recommended way to lower risk, by retaining scope of effort within the control of Cisco or the Partner.
D.    They provide a way to meet customer or industry-specific needs, beyond the general Cisco core offerings.

Answer: D

Which option represents a business constraint for a video solution?

A.    The customer does not have enough capacity to deliver video at an acceptable performance level.
B.    Users for the solution are not yet executing new processes for which video is a core capability to improve business results.
C.    The steering committee has not yet seen a demo of the video solution.
D.    Two of the customer’s lead architects disagree on the approach for network management.

Answer: B

Which information is the most important to know early in a business requirements project?

A.    the customer’s go-to-market approach for generating revenue
B.    competitor prices
C.    the organizational structure
D.    the company’s budget for marketing products planned for two years in the future

Answer: A

Which option is a way to validate that you have established credibility with a business executive?

A.    Ask an IT stakeholder to inquire with the executive on your behalf.
B.    Brainstorm with the internal team to get feedback from peers.
C.    Ask the executive whether you could join a future staff meeting and present for 15 minutes.
D.    Offer to show the executive a demonstration of the latest security software.

Answer: C

Which statement describes the benefit of identifying solution interdependencies?

A.    This shows the customer that you have a strong understanding of the Cisco portfolio.
B.    It greatly shortens the timeframe and number of hours it takes to implement a complex solution.
C.    It allows you and the customer to assess risks and opportunities for situations involving integration and critical prerequisites.
D.    It allows you to see a detailed picture of customer responsibilities across an implementation effort.

Answer: C

Which option is a benefit of communicating a solution in business terms?

A.    The customer is more likely to invest because Cisco or the Partner is committing to a specific level of financial benefit.
B.    The customer IT executive can better identify how the solution affects their headcount for problem resolution.
C.    The customer’s business and IT personnel can have improved dialogue about the solution, its impact, and options for deployment.
D.    The lead customer business stakeholder is given a detailed explanation about the value of most advanced technologies.

Answer: C

When you select a solution, which option should guide your decisions?

A.    lowest possible cost
B.    most advanced solution, both technically and for the business operation
C.    an appropriate mix of risk, technology capability, and business capability, based on customer priorities
D.    must fit within the current IT budget

Answer: C

Which option is part of an implementation strategy?

A.    names of employees and their user IDs
B.    completion criteria for major work packages that are dependent on other projects
C.    name of the finance rep who is responsible for tracking costs
D.    response time requirements for executive quarterly update videos

Answer: B

Which statement describes why it is important to separate major from minor problems in getting expected benefits?

A.    Major problems are always harder to fix.
B.    Minor problems usually affect more people.
C.    This information is used for system status reporting.
D.    An accurate breakdown allows for putting resource on items with high impact.

Answer: D

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