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2016 Latest MB5-705 Study Guides:

1.Explain projects and project management;
2.Define Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step;
3.Initiate a project and prepare for the diagnostic phase;
4.Deliver Decision Accelerators;
5.Generate a proposal and final licensing and services agreements;
6.Describe project management discipline;
7.Use waterfall delivery;
8.Use agile delivery;
9.Manage the deployment and operations phases;




During conversations with the customer in the early sales stage, you discussed the current availability of compliant hardware and infrastructure at the customer site.
You also learned that your customer has doubts about the infrastructure being ready for a new system, and is concerned about the level of infrastructure changes that may be required.
What should you do?

A.    Reassure the customer that your company infrastructure specialists will be handling all infrastructure
issues during the deployment phase.
B.    Document this as a risk to the project and advise the customer that extra budget will be needed to
resolve these issues.
C.    Propose to execute an architecture assessment.
D.    Focus on the quantifiable business value and investment and show the direct and indirect benefits
that a Microsoft Dynamics implementation will create.

Answer: C

You are creating a Project Charter. Which information should you include in this document? Choose the 3 that apply.

A.    Information about in-scope and out-of-scope areas.
B.    Project approach and governance that describe the approach, key milestones, timeline, deliverables,
and key stakeholders.
C.    The proposed solution and estimated fees that describe what needs to be implemented and the related
cost analysis.
D.    Business and project objectives that describe the desired output and effect for the customer organization.

Answer: ABD

Your company’s Sales Manager approaches you with an opportunity for selling a Microsoft Dynamics business solution.
You are responsible for quickly finalizing the sale of the solution.
Which one of the following provides guidance to help close the sale and provide a structured due-diligence process?

A.    Optimization Offerings
B.    Industry Playbook
C.    Decision Accelerators
D.    Project Initiation and Planning

Answer: C

You are working to transition a large-scaled and complex company environment to a Microsoft Dynamics solution. Your team is currently focussed on deployment activities.
You need to make sure that proven cut over processes are in place to reduce the risks in the go-live period.
Which key tasks should be included when planning for the Go-live cutover? Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    Write a Go-live cutover process document that defines the details of the cut-over plan on a step-by-step
B.    At least two weeks before the final cut-over is due, run the full cut-over process as a dry run, against one
of the other environments.
C.    Provide the appropriate level of end user training before Go-live.
D.    Ensure final resolution for all change requests and listed issues.

Answer: AB

You are developing a strategy to implement quality requirements.
The project is sized as a standard implementation that requires some customization.
Which of the following tools should help you to meet the quality requirements of the project? Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    Detailed requirements documentation
B.    Daily phone conferences and detailed reporting
C.    Documented Conditions of Satisfaction
D.    Phase Tollgate Review meeting

Answer: CD

You need to prepare to close a contract. What should you do? Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    Request a formal written statement from the customer that the deliverables have been accepted or
B.    Complete final system readiness.
C.    Make documented plans for Go-live cutover.
D.    Archive a complete set of the contract documents and the related sign-off and acceptance notifications.

Answer: AD

You and your team completed a successful deployment and Go-live cutover. In the first week following the Go-live cutover, your customer reports issues related to system setup and configuration. The customer asks to add fields to a report and to assist users in completing the new work procedures. How do you manage these requests?

A.    Make an application consultant available for remote and/or on-site support during these two weeks.
This is covered by the project budget and no extra funding is required.
B.    Confirm that your team is able to help and resolve the issue.
The customer needs to be informed that the project was closed by realizing a successful Go-live and
that this new involvement cannot be considered as part of the agreed project budget.
C.    Update this new information in the project’s risk register, and then immediately plan a Steering Committee meeting.
These requests indicate that some risks might have unfolded and you need to implement the contingency plan as soon as possible.
D.    Implement the Customization Review optimization offering to make sure that the quality of the customizations is guaranteed.

Answer: A

Your team has successfully deployed a Microsoft Dynamics solution in a large global organization with multiple sites. Daily business transactions and activities are now operational. Which activities should be budgeted to take place after the Go-live milestone? Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    Determine final resolution for any items that are outstanding after Go-live.
B.    Provide the customer with post Go-live support.
C.    Finalize training documentation.
D.    Create a Production Operations Guide that covers standard operational and support activities related
to the new Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Answer: AB

Performance optimization tasks were executed in the operation phase.
Which optimization tasks will you need to consider addressing in the future? Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    Applying updated hot fixes and service packs.
B.    Archiving old data from large tables.
C.    Conducting additional user training.
D.    Implementing application configuration, customization and development changes.

Answer: AB

You have successfully executed your project and the contract is formally closed.
Are there any remaining tasks to complete?

A.    Yes. You still need to c communication management.
B.    Yes. You still need to provide post Go-live support and verify the project scope.
C.    No. After contract closing, there are no remaining tasks.
D.    Yes. You still need to implement the minority of changes agreed upon during contract closing.

Answer: A

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