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Which two steps should be taken to provision after the Self-Provisioning feature was configured for end users?

A. Dial the self-provisioning IVR extension and associate the phone to an end user.
B. Plug the phone into the network.
C. Ask the Cisco UCM administrator to associate the phone to an end user.
D. Enter settings menu on the phone and press *,*,# (star, star, pound).
E. Dial the hunt pilot extension and associate the phone to an end user.

Answer: AB

On a cisco catalyst switch, which command is required to send CDP packets on a switch port that configures a cisco IP phone to transmit voice traffic in 802.1q frames tagged with the voice VLAN ID 221?

A. Device(config-if)# switchport access vlan 221
B. Device(config-if)# switchport trunk allowed vlan 221
C. Device(config-if)# switchport vlan voice 221
D. Device(config-if)# switchport voice vlan 221

Answer: D

An end used at a remote site is trying initiate an ad hoc conference call to an end user at the main site the conference bridge is configured to support G.711 remote user phone only support G.729 the remote end user receives an error message on the phone “cannot complete conference call, what is the cause of the issue?

A. The remote phone does not have the conference feature assigned.
B. A Media Termination Point is missing
C. The transcoder resource is missing.
D. A software conference bridge is not assigned

Answer: C

An administrator is in the process of moving cisco unity connection mailboxes between mailbox stores the administrator notices that some mailboxes have active message waiting indicators, what happens to these mailboxes when they are moved?

A. The move will fall If MWI status Is active.
B. Moving the mailboxes from one store to another falls If MWI Is turned on.
C. If source and target mailbox store are not disabled. MWI status is not retained.
D. The MWI status is retained after a mailbox is moved from one store to another.

Answer: D

Which command must be defined before an administrator changes the linecode value on an ISDN T1 PRI in slot 0/2 on an IOS-XE gateway?

A. isdn incoming-voice voice
B. pri-group timeslots 1-24
C. card type t1 0 2
D. voice-port 0/2/0:23

Answer: C

Which DSCP class selector is necessary to mark scavenger traffic?

A. CS1
B. AF21
C. AF11
D. CS2

Answer: A

Which service must be enabled when LDAP on cisco UCM is used?

A. Cisco AXL Web Service
B. Cisco CallManager SNMP Service
C. Cisco DirSync
D. Cisco Bulk provisioning Service

Answer: C

Which two protocols should be configured for the cisco unity connection and cisco UCM integration?

B. H.323

Answer: AE

An end user at a remote site is trying to initiate an Ad Hoc conference call to an end user at the main site. The conference receives an error message on the phone:
Cannot complete conference call.
What is the cause of the issue?

A. The transcoder resource Is missing.
B. The remote phone does not have the conference feature assigned
C. A software conference bridge is not assigned.
D. A Media Termination Point is missing.

Answer: A

What dialed number match this cisco UCM route pattern? 1[23]XX

A. 1200 through 1399 only
B. 1230 through 1239 only
C. 12300 through 12399 only
D. 1200 through 1300 only

Answer: D

Users want their mobile phones to be able to access their cisco unity connection mailboxes with only having to enter their voicemail pin at the login prompt calling pilot number, where should an engineer configure this feature?

A. message settings
B. greetings
C. alternate extensions
D. transfer rules

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which Codec is negotiated?

A. 729ILBC
B. 711ulaw
C. 728

Answer: C

An engineer is setting up a system with voice and video endpoints using auto-QoS policy on the switches. Which DSCP values are expected for interactive voice and video?


Answer: A

During the Cisco IP Phone registration process the TFTP download fails. What are two reasons for this issue’? (Choose two)

A. The DNS server was not specified, which is needed to resolve a hostname in an Option 150 string.
B. The Cisco IP Phone does not know the IP address of the TFTP server
C. The Cisco IP Phone does not know the IP address of any of the Cisco UCM Subscriber nodes
D. Option 100 string was not specified, or an incorrect Option 100 string was specified
E. Option 150 string was not specified, or an incorrect Option 150 string was specified

Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit. An administrator configures fax dial-peers on a Cisco IOS gateway and finds that faxes are not working correctly. Which change should be made to resolve this issue?

A. codec g723ar63
B. codec g729br81
C. codec g726r32
D. codec g711ulaw

Answer: D

An administrator is integrating a Cisco Unity Express module to a Cisco UCME system A test call is placed to the Cisco Unity Express pilot number, but the administrator receives a busy signal. The dial- peer is configured as follows:

How is this issue resolved?

A. The dial-peer needs to be reconfigured to support the G 711 voice codec.
B. The dial-peer needs to be reconfigured to support vad.
C. The destination pattern needs to be changed to match the dialed number of 4100.
D. The dial-peer needs to be reconfigured to support H 323 instead of SIP.

Answer: A

What is the difference between Cisco Unified Border Element and a conventional Session Border Controller?

A. SIP security
B. DTMF interworking
C. Voice policy
D. Address hiding

Answer: C

How does traffic policing respond to violations?

A. AH traffic is treated equally.
B. Excess traffic is retransmitted.
C. Excess traffic is dropped.
D. Excess traffic is queued.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is confining class of control for a user in Cisco UCM.
Which change will ensure that the user is unable to call 2143?

A. Change line partition to Partition_A
B. Change line CSS to only contain Partition_B
C. Set the user’s line CSS to <None>
D. Set the users device CSS to <None>

Answer: D

Users dial a 9 before a 10-digit phone number to make an off-net call All 11 digits are sent to the Cisco Unified Border Element before going out to the PSTN The PSTN provider accepts only 10 digits. Which configuration is needed on the Cisco Unified Border Element for calls to be successful?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Answer: A

A customer enters no IP domain lookup on the Cisco IOS XE gateway to suppress the interpreting of invalid commands as hostnames Which two commands are needed to restore DNS SRV or A record resolutions? (Choose two.)

A. ip dhcp excluded-address
B. ip dhcp-sip
C. ip dhcp pool
D. transport preferred none
E. ip domain lookup

Answer: DE

An administrator is asked to implement toll fraud prevention in Cisco UCM, specifically to restrict off- net to off-net call transfers How is this implemented?

A. Implement time-of-day routing.
B. Use the correct route filters.
C. Set the appropriate service parameter
D. Enforce ad-hoc conference restrictions

Answer: C

A network administrator with ID392116981 has determined that a WAN link between two Cisco UCM clusters supports only 1 Mbps of bandwidth for voice traffic.
How many calls does this link support if G.711 as the audio codec is used?

A. 15
B. 16
C. 13
D. 12

Answer: D

An engineer is asked to implement on-net/off-net call classification in Cisco UCM.
Which two components are required to implement this configuration? (Choose two)

A. SIP trunk
B. CTI route point
C. route group
D. route pattern
E. SIP route patterns

Answer: AD

An administrator installed a Cisco Unified IP 8831 Conference Phone that is failing to register.
Which two actions are taken to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose two)

A. Disable HSRP on lhe access layer switch.
B. Verify that the switch port of the phone is enabled
C. Check the RJ-65 cable.
D. Verify that the RJ-11 cable is plugged into the PC port.
E. Verify that the phone’s network can access the option 150 server.

Answer: BE

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